WorkWise ERP EDI Integration – Part 1 – Inbound Customer Transactions

WorkWise ERP EDI supports integrated EDI transactions with your customers. While supplier EDI is not currently supported in WorkWise ERP, TRG has implemented outbound supplier PO’s (850 transactions) in the past without modification to WorkWise ERP, but there is no standard supplier EDI functionality.

The WorkWise ERP EDI module is an optional module that must be licensed from WorkWise in addition to the TRG EDI Connector software, which can be licensed directly from WorkWise as well.

In addition to these 2 modules, you will also need a means of communicating your EDI transactions securely to/from your customers and services for setup, configuration, mapping and implementation.

The WorkWise ERP EDI Module supports the following inbound and outbound customer EDI transactions:

  • Inbound 850 Purchase Orders
  • Inbound 830 Forecasts/Production Schedules
  • Can also support inbound 862 shipment authorizations – can be treated as either an 850 purchase order or 830 schedule depending on how your customer uses this transaction
  • Outbound Advanced Ship Notices (856 transaction)
  • Outbound Invoices (810 transaction)

WorkWise ERP EDI does not support the following transactions, but the TRG EDI Connector, integrated with WorkWise ERP, does support the following as standard transactions:

  • Outbound 855 PO Acknowledgements
  • Outbound 846 Inventory Advice notices

Using the TRG EDI Connector, here is how each transaction is integrated to WorkWise ERP:

  • Purchase Orders – The TRG EDI Connector translates your customers’ EDI purchase order transactions into the required flat file format for loading to WorkWise ERP EDI. When EDI transactions come in, on a schedule that you determine, you are sent audit reports (by customer) showing details of the purchase orders and showing validation/auditing of key information (that can be turned on or off by customer) comparing pricing and rev levels with your WorkWise ERP settings. Validation is also done on the ship-to location and item numbers to ensure clean data is loaded to your WorkWise ERP system. We can also add custom validations to this process very easily. The TRG EDI Connector can also back off “transit days” that you define for the customer shipping location, from the customer’s required ship date (using a designated WorkWise ERP calendar to back up) if you want the due date in WorkWise ERP to be the required ship date
  • Drop Ship Purchase Orders – WorkWise ERP EDI allows us to pass through the full ship-to address. So, for drop-ship orders, the TRG EDI Connector can will use a defined ship-to in WorkWise ERP (usually ship-to 0 but doesn’t have to be) and will pass the full address through to WorkWise ERP to use when the customer order is created.
  • Production Schedules (830 transactions) – WorkWise ERP EDI handles incoming 830 Production Schedules as shipping schedules in WorkWise ERP Customer Orders. The TRG EDI Connector translates your customers’ EDI production schedules into the flat file format required to load to WorkWise ERP EDI. WorkWise ERP EDI maintains a “release cross reference” to a specific WorkWise ERP customer order and line and, as new updates come in, the ship schedule associated with that PO/item/order/line will be replaced with the new schedule each time.The TRG EDI Connector has a lot of functionality to help you process and manage production schedules with WorkWise ERP:
    • Validates/verifies shipping locations, items, cumulative quantities shipped and rev levels. Other validations can be easily added.
    • Provides 3 standard reports when processing inbound Schedules: a detail report showing everything that is coming in; an exception report showing just those items that have exceptions, and our Net Change Analysis.
    • Net Change Analysis shows differences between the current production schedule for an item and the last time it was received highlighting changes to dates and quantities, and showing any releases added or dropped. Can be adjusted to only look at releases that are within the part’s lead time to allow you to focus on any changes that need to be addressed immediately.
    • Allows you to optionally interface X weeks of releases or you can interface all weeks.
    • Has detailed cumulative quantity analysis (extremely useful to screen out in-transit shipments) and based on mismatches, will report exceptions and prevent releases from loading that you may have already shipped. WorkWise ERP EDI does also have Cumulative Qty capabilities – we work with you to determine the best way to manage Cums.
  • For Shipment Authorizations/Triggers/JITs, basically 862 Transactions:
    • Ability to process as either blanket orders or discrete customer orders. How it is mapped and interfaced depends on how the customer is using this transaction. TRG has worked with many variations of this transaction and the EDI Connector has capabilities to handle either method.
    • Ability to deduct triggered quantities from a blanket order in WorkWise ERP. Some companies, like Deere and Harley, can send triggers that need to be treated as discrete orders in WorkWise ERP, however, if you are interfacing their 830’s you also need to have these triggers deducted or requirements will be skewed until the next 830 is received from them. The TRG EDI Connector has capabilities to manage this process.
  • Non-traditional EDI Sources – web-site downloads, emailed spreadsheets, etc.
    • With the TRG EDI Connector, we can also help you automate handling of requirements that your customer provides in non-traditional EDI formats. If you can receive a consistent requirement format either in a spreadsheet or file download from your customer’s web-site, we can write custom SQL code to treat the data as “EDI” and have it flow through the same processes as your standard EDI transactions. You would just drop the file in a predetermined location and the EDI process would take it from there. The advantage, beyond the time savings, is that you also have these orders flowing through the same validations, audit reporting, etc., as your traditional EDI orders.

TRG has worked with WorkWise ERP for over 20 years – we know WorkWise ERP – and our TRG EDI Connector software is tightly integrated to give you the best EDI integration available.