What do I need for EDI integration?

For end-to-end EDI integration, there are a few key one-time software and services required to get up and running. The initial cost of EDI integration will depend on the approach being taken, what EDI components you already own, how many trading partners you need to bring up right away, and any customizations or additional reporting … Continue reading What do I need for EDI integration?


EDI Integration-A Strategic Move

For decades, large companies have invested in the exchange of documents electronically. They have reaped the benefits of eliminating manual processing and handling of each and every Purchase Order, customer order, invoices, and many other document types. They’ve saved countless millions of dollars by reducing processing time and reducing errors that inevitably occur during manual … Continue reading EDI Integration-A Strategic Move

Welcome to the TRG EDI Blog

Our blog will provide you with insights, strategies, and details on integrating EDI with your business system. We'll share in-depth information our EDI integration software for WorkWise ERP and other ERPs- the TRG EDI Connector - and we'll also share general information on the latest EDI trends.